Exciting News On Alzheimer’s Relief

If you or someone you know is showing signs of Alzheimer’s or other congnitive decline, you need to read this post with an open mind. Undoubtedly there are several root causes of congitive decline. There are several popular drugs prescribed by doctors to treat Alzheimer’s, but none of them really work at all. At best, […]

Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

This is very important information for anyone with a few pounds to lose. While exercise is the second most important factor in one’s general health (the first being stopping smoking), new research is showing that exercise does little to actually help you lose weight. Yes, exercise does burn calories, but unfortunately, but there are a […]

New Regulation at Thailand Postal Service

There is a new policy at the Thai Post Office for ALL senders of letters and parcels. The reason is reportedly to catch drug dealers, and there have been some cases in that regard previously. Thai citizens must show their ID card for recording of ID number, and foreigners must show their passports for recording […]

Coffee Likely Culprit in Patient with Uncontrolled Hypothyroidism

There is a general knowledge that coffee and T4 don’t mix well, but I had never seen any specific documented examples or research. This new article (May 4, 2016) describes one case in detail which was carefully documented. This patient was on synthetic T4, and one case by itself is not statistically significant, but the […]

Tooth Mascot

How I Stopped My Tooth Loss

In the last twenty years I have lost five teeth. The symptoms were always the same. Inflammed and receeding gums, eventually the tooth becomes loose, and a loose tooth is sensitive and painful when chewing. Finally, no way to save it, and it needs to be pulled. I was on my way to loosing all […]

Five Free Bottles

Our Sept 2015 GiveAway of FIVE FREE Bottles.

This post has the rules and results of our September 2015 Give Away of five free bottles of “T.R.”, manufactured by T. Man Pharma in Thailand. T.Man Pharma has been in business for over 45 years, and this product was registered about 26 years ago according to information provided by the company, so it has […]

Bone Broth Lowers Cholesterol*

* – In lab mice, we are not doctors, and these statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA. This is our second post on this important topic. In the first post, I have shown my method on how I make bone broth, and discussed some of the health benefits. I had previously seen […]

You Need To Be Making Bone Broth

You Really Need to Be Making Bone Broth

I was reading on Dr. Ray Peat’s forum that he recommends gelatin, and my first response was “What the heck is gelatin?”. But after researching this for some time, I am truly amazed at the many health benefits that can be realized with this incredibly cheap and simple home remedy. This is something we can […]

Hillary Clinton Uses Armour Thyroid

It is a rare event when the public can learn some details of the health details of prominent public figures. Hillary Clinton is considering to run for President of the United States. While candidates are not legally required to disclose their medical history, or even divulge serious health problems, it is beneficial if she can […]