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Feel free to post your reviews of independent suppliers of Thyroid-S.

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  1. They were/are having problems with their website. They stated on their page “if you have ordered in the last several weeks, paid by Western Union or Moneygram and have not received a response, we have not picked up your transfer. You may simply contact them and cancel your transfer.
    If you have paid by another mechanism, have been trying to contact us and getting no response, or are owed product that you never received, please contact us at Please include as much information as you can about your order and payment.”

    • Utter nonsense. Gently letting you know that this story is ridiculous. Ask your supplier for proof like this, and please let us know what happens:

  2. Recommend to be highly suspicious of any supplier continuing to offer T.R. or Thiroyd. These products are absolutely no longer available. STTM Yahoo group is filled with weekly threads about reformulations, and this could be one reason why. Who can say if these suppliers have set up a pill pressing operation? A counterfeit product is definitely a reformulation !

  3. As of yet, absolutely no response from Thyroid-Shop. They were quick to accept my order and give payment instructions, but seem unwilling or unable to make the case that I should trustingly send them money.

  4. I began an order from Thyroid_Shop. However, after reading Bruce F.’s comment regarding pimpomproducts, I decided to write the following note to the person who emailed me… (saying that they received my order and giving Western Union instructions):

    Hello Paruda,

    I have never ordered from you before, and, as you know, there are some not-so-nice
    people on the internet. As a result, I do not know if you can be trusted to send
    what I paid for after receiving my money. Please send some kind of information so I
    know you are an honest, upstanding person. For instance, how long has this business
    been in operation? And, furthermore, how do you have Thiroyd tablets when almost
    everyone else, it seems, is out of stock? Are you the sole owner? And have you had any
    affiliation with ThyroidShop? Did you leave them to start your own business? Do you
    have any kind of references, or testimonials from previous customers?
    Ron T

    (If I get any response, I will post it on this site.)

  5. A few months ago I had to use Sad to report, however, I seem to have been conned/ripped off since they took my Western Union transfer money BUT since then have not shipped my order NOR answered any of my emails as to โ€œwhat is going on?โ€

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