Customer Reviews of T.R. Natural Desiccated Thyroid Manufactured By T. Man Pharma

T.R. Moisture Barrier Bags

T.R. Moisture Barrier Bags

Update Mar 18, 2019 – Sadly the manufacturer has decided to discontinue this product effective immediately. This product is no longer available.

We will use this post to assemble the most complete customer review page for T.R. There is a severe lack of good information about this product, even missing from the company’s own website. Anyone with any experience with this product is free to post a comment below (no links are allowed in comments).

When you comment, please include in your comment ONE of three possible summary words: 1) positive, 2) neutral, or 3) negative. We will use that to keep a running total. If you don’t include one of these words, we will edit your comment at our discretion and add one, so we can keep track of the counts easily.

We are looking for a testing lab to confirm active ingredents potency which will be another datapoint. I will update this post when I have more information.

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  1. My experience with T.R from T.MAN Pharma is positive.
    Best NDT I have found so far. It worked better for me than Nature-Throid, Erfa and Thiroyd. I’m very sad it has been discontinued.

  2. Hi there! I’m starting treatment for Hypothyroidism and my doctor prescribed me natural desiccated hormone therapy. She advised me to get WP. However I would like to consider TR Or Thyroid ? It’s more affordable than WP it seems. Please could someone advice me on what brand is good to start with?


  3. Edit: We are thrilled to announce that this customer has received their order in full. I recommended to remove her comment and she agreed. So glad to put this behind us.

  4. I have been taking TR for over 12 months and find it suits me. I take 1 in am and 1 in pm and after blood tests my Doc gives me the OK.

  5. I sometimes think the STTM is obsessed with reformulation theories…according to them, almost every NDT drug has changed for the worse.

  6. I used Thyroid-S from early 2013 until November 2016 and it worked really well for me but then I ran out of pills. I obtained a 1000 bottle of T.R. by Tman and decided to try it.
    I started on the same dose as I was on with Thyroid-S and now coming to the end of 2 months of taking it, and I am afraid I don’t get on with it. My old brain fog, cramping legs, shoulder pain, not being able to get to sleep symptoms are back with a vengeance. I don’t know what the ingredients are and so I’m loathe to continue taking these now I don’t feel right. T.R. gets a negative from me.

    I have discussed this on the STTM group and people have told me that the new batches of Thyroid-S (exp. 2019) are not as good as the old batches (exp.2016) and are making people sick again. I wonder if the ingredients/make up has changed, but it’s very bad news for Hypo-T sufferers if this is the case.

    I think I might even be better on Thyroxine than these to be fair as at least I have a script for it.

  7. I simply have to share my yet short experience with TR by Tman. I was for years on thyroid s. Prior to my doctor gave my formulas from a compound pharmacy . I was OK but not very peppy ever. He was not happy with th results either. My health plan changed and after reading every book and forum on natural supplements I bought my first dose on Amazon, they no longer do that…oh well I got it from pimpom and they send me with my last order a trial of 60 TR.
    Thyroid s was doing OK and my Dr. Of 2 years, I am now on Medicare, said if it works and your test are not that great but you feel good take it. I guess now that I am out to pasture I can experiment.
    Back to thyroid s vs TR. I ran out 6 weeks ago and was not home so smart me thought I probably don’t need anymore thyroid meds. Got very depressed, leg cramps, foggyness and scrambled for a few more thyroid s and came across the sample of TR.
    Day 1 with 2 doses found me happier. Now day 5 and I have ordered TR. This is finally the pill for me. Already energy back I am alert and even my vision and focus are back.
    Reading that this product gets digested in the small intestine rather then with stomach acids must be the trick for my system to get the right balance.
    I have a blood test in 3 days and look forward to the results so I can adjust the dose. But as of now I feel like I not in many years.

  8. OK, so I have been on Thyroid-S for the past six months, working my way slowly up to 7 grains daily and feeling OK, but not great. These is what my latest labs look like:

    TSH: below 0.01 (ref 0.2-4.0)
    FT3: 2.9 (ref 1.7-2.7)
    FT4 0.9 (ref 0.8-1.5)

    Since I feel OK, but not great, I have been wondering if maybe THyroid-S is not optimal for me, and if I should try another Thai NDT Brand…? I have previously tried ARmour and Erfa with spotty success. ANy advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

  9. I found this brand less potent than Thiroyd on me.. Not bad, but maybe I’m too much accustomed of Thiroyd, that has a more obvious effect to me.

  10. Hello everyone,
    I have been taking bioidentical T3 for years now in my homeland New Zealand for hypothyroidism. I have moved to France and bioidentical T3 is hard to come by, can anyone please recommend which product to begin trialing?
    Many thanks

  11. I started on the new pink pill T.R. a few months ago. Test results were impressive to my physician. TSH was .006 My Free T3 was normal but in the higher range, and the T4 was right in the middle of normal range. The TPO antibodies were down from 88 to 47. I feel better than I have in a long while. Also found that adding Methylcobalamin (B-12) and Digestive enzymes containing Betain and Pepsin have helped enormously. I am tapering down from two pills twice a day to 1 1/2 twice a day. My physician says its not necessary to do his, but I feel with the T3 being a little bit high, and higher than the T4 (they should be close to the same) that I may have an excess and my body may be trying to dump the excess. So I will test again in Sept and see what the results are on a slightly lower dose.

  12. I have been on thyroid-s and they work very well… am now going to try the T.R. …one way I can tell if these are working is:….if you look straight on in the mirror at yourself, you should be able to see your eyelids… if you look into the mirror and you can’t see your eyelids because of drooping skin…. it means your thyroid is off… it amazes me if I forget for a day or two, my eyes do start to close up and look droopy and I can’t see my eyelids when looking straight on…… then I take the thyroid pill and within hours my eyes open up… the difference is so dramatic,… it looks like I’ve had eye-lift surgery!

    • That is so funny you mentioned the droopy eyelids. I started having major droopy eyes at the age of 44 and everyone said it was old age. I went for 5 more years with this and no doctor believed me or treated me properly. Not u til after taking this thyroid medication did it get better. T.R works very well for me.

  13. hi anna
    yes i know exactly what you mean. about erfa. also know that stop the thyroid madness is not an honest site. they are biased and don’t post most of the negative feedback about the changes to the meds. then you have fake commenters who counter act the few mildly negative post from the ones they do let post. it’s as if janie’s blog is working for big pharma. she replies with total disregard for what you say and does not listen. kind of like the doctors with the god complex. what are you on now and how are you doing? all the ndt’s across the board have changed and become bad. i am wondering wht the fillers are in tr man because thyroid-s has alluminum !

  14. thanks for your review, kiwi. i’d be interested to know if anyone else has positive experiences with tr man thyroid as well, as i am seriously considering switching to it. i am currently on thiroyd, but strangely enough find it rather weak (recent labs showed ft4 levels at bottom range and mid-range ft3 levels on as much as 5 grains daily, so not sure this is really the best option for me).

    gina, i can confirm that something is amiss with erfa. before switching to thiroyd, i took it for three years, and suddenly did not feel as well anymore. on the sttm website, there is a picture of erfa “before” and “after”, and sure enough…the new pills are a slightly different color and look more blotchy, so something did definitely change, no matter what the manufacturer claims. the fact that i no longer feel as good on it as i used is all the proof i need.

  15. Positive (the new pink pills)

    I’ve been using these for short while and they seem to be working just as well as ERFA. They may be just a hair less potent than the ERFA, but there aren’t any big jolts of energy like I sometimes get with Thiroyd. It seems to be a smooth delivery all around.

    I check my blood pressure every night at the same time and my blood pressure is right on the money ~ no changes here which means this is working just as well as the others.

    My main concern was whether they would cut in half well while using a pill cutter, and they do cut perfectly into 2 sections or 4 sections. You can swallow them whole or crunch them up with your teeth. Either way, they seem to be doing the trick perfectly. It’s all positive on my end.

    • kiwi – i’ve ben looking for you… you helped me years back ( when armour changed ) to get me on erfa. now erfa is reported as having changed as well and i am terrified. i have not tried the new batch yet but i can sure enough se the difference everyone is talking about. now i see you here with positive remarks about thyroid-s. are you still happy with them? on stop the thyroid madness web site is said they contain aluminum – yuk!

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