What Can We Learn About Diets and Weigh Loss From a BEAR?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Consult your doctor or health professional about health issues.

Are you hungry all the time? So was I. Read on for the cause and solution. 

Bears and other animals hibernate in winter when food is scarce. To survive a few months hibernating with no food, they need to eat a LOT of food during the summer and fall, when food is plentiful. What can we learn about this fascinating survival tactic?

I thought about this puzzle for a long time. During the summer, when food is plentiful, does the bear KNOW that it needs to eat a lot? Is there a thought process involved where the bear consciously makes a decision to eat a lot? Or, is there some unconscious, unknown force that causes the bear to feel ravenously hungry, and compels the bear to eat much more than usual to bulk up for the winter hibernation?

Nature is very clever in order to survive. I realized that nature has come up with an ingenious way to make the bear feel hungry even when it is eating a lot. The bear is eating a lot, it shouldn’t fell hungry, but nature knows that for the bear to survive the coming winter, it must eat even more and get fat. If it didn’t do that, it might die. Natural selection at work.

What is this mysterious force that compels the bear to eat more, even when it is already eating a lot? I believe it is high insulin. High insulin causes these hunger pangs which cause the bear to eat even more. Are you understanding this? The bear is constantly hungry whenever there is a lot of food around! Of course!! The bear is eating a lot, which causes high insulin, which causes hunger pangs, which causes the bear to eat even more. This is what compels the bear to get fat during the summer, in order to survive the coming winter.

Simultaneously, when the bear is hibernating, it is not eating. Insulin falls, and hunger pangs subside, allowing the bear to sleep. It’s a brilliant system.

When we eat a lot, we feel full. Ok, understood about that. But we feel hungry again a short time later. This is exactly the same as the bear in the summer time. Nature is trying to make us fat when food is plentiful, just like the bear.

If you can answer this one question, you are well on your way to solving your own weight problem. The one question you need to ask yourself if this:


Fat people might have one million calories of energy stored in fat around their bodies. Why are they feeling hungry? They should NOT feel hungry. If they are hungry, something is wrong with their bodies!

If you are understanding what I just wrote here, then you will understand that the key to losing weight effortlessly is you must get your insulin levels down. What do I mean by “losing weight effortlessly”? It means: no dieting, no exercise, no meds, no hungry feeling, nothing, and eating normal amounts of proteins, fats, and carbs. Just lose weight by getting your insulin levels down.

What is the best way to get your insulin levels down? Once again, we can look at the bear and learn a lesson. How is the bear losing weight effortlessly during hibernation?

I get pretty annoyed when someone tells me the passe clich√© “Calories in, calories out”. Let me pose a different question to explode this myth. Say two people are going on diets to lose weight. (To simplify this hypothetical thought experiment, let’s say they both have identical metabolism).

Alright, so far, so good. Now, we give ONE of the participants a zero calorie pill which completely eliminates any feelings of hunger. To the other participant, we give a pill which makes them feel ravenously hungry all the time.

Question: Who do you think will lose more weight?

Getting your insulin under control is like taking the pill to never feel hungry.

To be continued………..

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