Hillary Clinton Uses Armour Thyroid

clintonIt is a rare event when the public can learn some details of the health details of prominent public figures. Hillary Clinton is considering to run for President of the United States. While candidates are not legally required to disclose their medical history, or even divulge serious health problems, it is beneficial if she can show that she is in good physical health and fit to serve as president. Whether or not this is good public policy is the subject of ongoing debates, with many people suggesting that it is not in the public interest for candidates to be allowed to conceal potentially serious medical concerns which could impact their job performance.

The NY Times published a story which featured a letter from Mrs. Clinton‘s personal physician. Dr. Lisa Bardack. This letter states that Mrs. Clinton is taking Armour Thyroid! It does make you wonder why she would be doing that if treatment by Natural Desiccated Thyroid is “outdated”, and new synthetic T4 was the “modern” and only acceptable treatment for hypothyroidism.

The Clintons have a net worth of approximately US$80 million according to several sources, which puts them in the top 1% of the US population. One would think that money is no object for Mrs. Clinton, and she would be receiving the best healthcare available. One might say it is not a stretch to conclude that Armour Thyroid is the best remedy for Mrs. Clinton’s hypothyroid condition.

Dr. Lisa Bardack is Medical Director of Internal Medicine – Internal Medicine at Mount Kisco Medical Group, New York, USA and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Northern Westchester Hospital and Hudson Valley Hospital Center. She received her medical degree from NYU School of Medicine and has been in practice for 25 years, and she specialized in internal medicine.

The letter is viewable on the New York Times website here:


Hillary Clinton Uses Armour Thyroid

Hillary Clinton Uses Armour Thyroid



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  1. I am from Finland. We have a terreble situation here. Desperate finnish patients are seeking help in other EU-countries and United States for their serious thyroid function related health problems.

    The Finnish National Authority for Welfare and Health has limited
    many private physicians rights to treat these patients. Finnish
    endocrinologist do not recognize neither diagnose or treat patients
    having so called non-thyroidal-illness related to chronic diseases also
    the Public health care discriminates these patients. Finnish
    endocrinologists claim these patients having hysteria or somatization

    The president of the Endocrinological Society in Finland working in Helsinki
    University Hospital has said in public that these sick and tired
    non-thyroidal-illness patients need no medical treatment “they should drink
    more coffe” the national bewerage of the country.

    The also say, that Armour Thyroid is dangerous and do what ever they can to exclude it from Public health care.

  2. I do research in the area of thyroid dysfunction and heart failure. Armour thyroid contains both T3 and T4 and patients were very happy with this treatment. T4 replacement of this effective therapy was largely drive by money. There is good evidence in the literature that it was a mistake to convert people from Armour to T4. For more information on this topic with regard to heart failure, you can Google me and find several reviews. I think Hillary is making a very wise decision to use Armour. A Martin Gerdes, PhD

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