What Can We Learn About Diets and Weigh Loss From a BEAR?

Are you hungry all the time? Read on for the cause and solution.  Bears hibernate in winter when food is scarce. To survive a few months hibernating with no food, they eat a LOT of food during the summer and fall, when food is plentiful. What can we learn about this interesting survival tactic? I […]

Americans Taking More Prescription Drugs Than Ever

In what is a sad commentary on the health of the American population, an recent article on drugs.com states that a new survey finds 55 percent of Americans regularly take a prescription medicine. Of the Americans taking prescription medicines, the average is four prescriptions. https://www.drugs.com/news/americans-more-than-ever-survey-66546.html The survey included almost 2,000 adults. Many of those pills […]

Get Started With BitCoin

BitCoin is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, which is highly resistant to any kind of tampering. If you wanted to understand blockchain, here is a great video link explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_160oMzblY8 BitCoin can be sent anonymously to pay for goods and services. Next, we will keep our BitCoin digital currency in a “wallet”, […]

World’s Oldest Woman Ate 2-3 Eggs Every Day for Ninety Years

I have always had high cholesterol (around 300), some of which is probably inherited. About 15 years ago, when I was strictly following a low fat diet (the wisdom at the time), I noticed some white spots around my eyes which. Eventually I discovered that these were deposits of fat underneath the skin, and the […]

New Regulation at Thailand Postal Service

There is a new policy at the Thai Post Office for ALL senders of letters and parcels. The reason is reportedly to catch drug dealers, and there have been some cases in that regard previously. Thai citizens must show their ID card for recording of ID number, and foreigners must show their passports for recording […]

Coffee Likely Culprit in Patient with Uncontrolled Hypothyroidism

There is a general knowledge that coffee and T4 don’t mix well, but I had never seen any specific documented examples or research. This new article (May 4, 2016) describes one case in detail which was carefully documented. This patient was on synthetic T4, and one case by itself is not statistically significant, but the […]