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The best way to contact us is to write an email to the addresses as shown:

  • support (at sign) thyroid-s dot com – For all issues and questions.

You can call at any time for any urgent issues, +1-561-907-4977. Please be sensitive to the time zone differences.


  1. Hello!
    I can\’t complete my order in your store!
    Why don\’t you setup more stable processing like or charges 3%, just 0.1% and setup is free.

  2. I used to order the regular thiroid which worked great for me. I was told it was no longer available and have to order the thyroid-s now so I did. I was worried about it because of the fillers in the product and my allergies. I\’ve barely used any of the new thyroid-s and have to stop taking it because my lips swelled up and I have angieodema from it. I\’m sure it is the aluminum and talc fillers causing it. Can I send the remaining product back for a refund? I\’m very disappointed. I have no options for thiroid because the safer brand is no longer available. The Thyroid-S does work and that is not my complaint. The fillers are causing a severe and painful reaction. In my opinion aluminum and talc should never be put in medications. They both cause cancer.

  3. Hi, I have enough bottles to last me until October 2020. I am receiving 1 bottle 2 times each month. It is too much for me to use.
    Please stop sending me anymore as of today. I will request more later when i need them. Thank you.

  4. I am very interested in some things I saw on your website, would you please contact me at this number when you can 18682696501.

  5. Hi
    Where in Thailand can I buy Thyroid s ?
    I see it being sold on ebay and amazon so it must be available somewhere in bangkok or phuket?

  6. I purchased three bottles of Thyroid TR in December 2015. I am getting very low. Please advise where I can purchase more. It has worked so well for me! Thanks so much!

  7. Hi.i am from Malaysia.I understand it is difficult to get through the custom now.I intend to visit Bangkok during mid June.Is it possible to pay you a visit to buy the thyroid ?

  8. Hi I am needeing thyroid s. I am in Bangkok but having difficulties finding pharmacies that stock this. I am near phaya thai. But can travel. This is getting urgent now so please send me if you can a list of stores that have this in stock.
    Kind regards

  9. hi i was taking naturethroid and my insurance no longer covers it. how is throid-s compared to nature-throid. i was taking 1 grain a day. i was doing very well on nature-thyroid. do you carry nature-thyroid if not how much of thyroid-s should i take compared to 1 grain of nature-throid. thanks.

  10. Hello Peter

    Please can you tell me how i may purchase more Thyroid-s?
    I have had very good results over the past year, losing 26 pounds of weight so far.

    Many thanks

  11. Hello, I saw on your website the different pictures of the pills and although I have always received the Thyroid-s pills. I have ordered them from you and another company. My pills come in the identical brown glass bottle and box but the pills have always looked like the second picture the beige colored pill not the brown colored one you have pictured for the Thyroid-s. Can you tell me why the pills I have been taking for years have never looked like the one you picture for the Thyroid-s? Thanks

  12. Hi Rich, thanks and appreciate your kind words. Yes it is legally available here without a prescription. Please contact me privately at the email shown above thanks.

  13. Hi Peter,

    Nice site and appreciate the useful information. I will be down in Bangkok in early September and would like to by some Thyroid-s. Do you know where I can buy it? Is it available without prescription in Bangkok? Will be going to bumrungrad for some bloodwork so it shouldn’t be hard to get a prescription.

    By the way, was wondering what you think of “Thiroid” the other Thai produced dessicated product?

    Rich in Shanghai China.

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