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Peter G.

Peter G.

This page is about me. I am 54 years old, I have lived in Thailand for about 20 years. I have one daughter who lives with me here in Thailand, and 2 sons back in the good ol’ US of A.

I had many hypo symptoms, blood test results are normal. I started desiccated thyroid meds a few years ago at 2 gains (2 tablets of 60gm) per day. Dropped 2kg in weight, but felt some symptoms of overmedication, such as elevated heart rate and stiff neck. So I reduced it to 1 tablet per day felt better. After 3 weeks of reduced dose, I increased back to 2 grains/day. My weight is continuing to drop slowly, which is good news. I also had very stong body odor my whole life, and that has completely vanished after using natural desiccated thyroid in the proper dosage.

I also use tincture of iodine on my scalp, and I have been able to completely stop my hair loss, and in fact it is slowly growing back, but that is the subject of another website to be written. Before you get too excited about this, the results are VERY slow, and I am also experimenting with Minoxydil and other remedies.

Another interesting thing is that I had receeding gums, and I was occasionally loosing a tooth. I was on a path to needing full dentures. I have discovered a method to completely stop my tooth loss, and not a single dentist in the country will tell you the most important thing you need to do. It’s quite simple and cheap, and no, it’s not baking soda and/or hydrogen peroxide (although those certainly help in other ways).

I have been exporting Thai products (Thai garden seeds) to consumers in many countries for several years, and learned a lot from the experience. I always ship by registered mail for tracking purposes, and I always take a photo of every shipment and email it to every customer. I also guarantee germination, which is unheard of in the seed business.

Using these methods, I can say that I never had even a single complaint about shipments not being made. Now occasionally parcels do get misrouted and/or lost, and it is always helpful when the customers demonstrate ability to track their parcel, and reasonable patience to work through the issue. In such a case I will normally re-send the shipment free of charge.

I was reading the web forums on Thyroid issues and how difficult it was to get these products. And people who are out of work and/or do not have health insurance coverage are not able to find any cost effective solutions. So I met with Sriprasit Pharma Co. Ltd. and they are in basic agreement with my marketing plan, but still waiting to see if I am successful to market their products overseas. And just to be clear and provide full disclosure, at this time I do not have any kind of written contract from Sriprasit Pharma, and at this time I consider myself independent. Sincerely hope that you have some trust and try your first order with us. I am sure you will be delighted with both our product and our service.

Best Regards,

Peter Guagliano


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  1. Hi Peter,
    I am an old customer and now I am running out of the pills. Your website is out of function and there are a lot of websites out there but I dont know which one I can trust! Could you please help me?

    • Hello Yasaman, sorry to inform you, we have no material and no plan to get more. Very sad for everyone. Save your money, there are no reputable sellers anymore.

  2. Hi Peter how can I purchase some Thyroid-S at a price that hasn’t been over inflated? It seems that some sellers have realised that in the uk doctors have stopped prescribing it and sellers are cashing in on out difficulty and predicament.

  3. Hi Peter! I was buying thyroid-s a few years back and now I need to buy some more but there is so many ads/links about thyroid-s on google search that I don’t know which one is legit. Hopefully this is still your email address and you get this message. If so, where can I purchase it now? Thanks Bonnie

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