What Is The Difference Between Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and “T.R.”?


Updated Aug 28, 2015 to include information about “T.R.” by T. Man Pharma.

Several customers ask us what is the difference between these three products, so we made this page which we hope makes it more clear what you are buying. Well for starters, these are three different products manufactured by three different companies.

  • Thyroid-S is manufactured by Sriprasit Pharma.
  • Thiroyd is manufactured by Greater Pharma.
  • “T.R.” is manufactured by T. Man Pharma.

There are several major differences between Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and T.R. which affect the price/performance/storage of these tablets. We sell all three products Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and T.R. and they all excellent products. However, Thyroid-S is a little more expensive, and there are some storage and performance differences, and we try to explain these differences below.

Filler Differences: Thyroid-S uses a filler which binds the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We know this because we used a lab to measure the concentrations of hormones in both types of tablets. The results showed that Thyroid-S needed an extra step of solvent extraction to release all the hormones for correct measurement. We believe this will result in more stable tablet storage and a slower release of hormones after swallowing. Thiroyd dissolves easily and well, Thyroid-S is chaukier and is more difficult to dissolve. Click HERE to see our post detailing the extra step needed to release the active ingredients of Thyroid-S (fascinating stuff). We currently don’t have infomation about the fillers in T.R., we have requested it from the manufacturers, and we will update this post if we get it.

Tablet Color:

  • Thyroid-S tablet is a light brown color and shiny.
  • Thiryod tablet is white and matte finish.
  • T.R. is a pink tablet with sugar coating.

All tablets are white or off-white inside. Here is a picture I made showing cross sections of all three tablets.

Cross Sections of Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and T.R. Tablets

Cross Sections of Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and T.R. Tablets

Tablet Coating:

  • Thyroid-S is a coated tablet.
  • Thiroyd is uncoated.
  • T.R. has a sugar coating.

Tablet Anti-Counterfeiting: The coating on Thyroid-S tablets is thin and distinctive and not easily duplicated by counterfeiters. Thiryod tablets are white and with no distinctive features and are more easily counterfeited. The sugar coating on T.R. is a distinctive pink color.

Packaging: (Please Note: This discussion on packaging is referring to the full bottle 1,000 tablets packaging. The small packs, ie. 30-250 tablets, are packed in sealed, re-closeable, moisture barrier bags as described in the product listings. The bottle packaging is not available in tablet sizes less than 1,000 tablets.)

  • Thyroid-S is packaged in a brown glass bottle with metal cap, and with moisture absorber inside, and cotton to fill the extra space in the bottle. The glass bottle is inside a cardboard box with shrink wrap which functions as the security seal.
  • Thiroyd is packaged in a white plastic bottle, and the tablets are sealed inside a plastic bag with moisture absorber inside.
  • T.R. is packaged in a plastic bottle and includes a heat shrink plastic wrap. I was pleasantly surprised upon opening my first bottle of T.R. to find inside the bottle, the tablets are packaged in two sealed moisture barrier bags of 500 tablets each. Wonderful idea. Here’s a photo:

T.R. Sealed Moisture Barrier Bags (500 tablets each bag)

T.R. Sealed Moisture Barrier Bags (500 tablets each bag)

Factors affecting cost: The glass bottle and metal cap of Thyroid-S packaging is more expensive to produce. Because the glass bottle is substantially heavier, it is more expensive to ship also. Shipping costs are approximately US$3 more for Thyroid-S than Thyroid/T.R.. The Thyroid-S and T.R. tablets are coated, which is a more expensive process than uncoated tablets.

Factors affecting storage: The thyroglobulin in Natural Desiccated Thyroid is quite stable for long periods if stored correctly (cold, dry, and dark). Thyroid-S is packaged in a dark glass bottle, which protects the tablets from moisture, oxygen, and light. Thiroyd and T.R. are packaged in a white plastic bottle, which does not block moisture, oxygen, and light as well. However, T.R. does include two individual moisture barrier bags of 500 tablets each bag. Thyroid-S and T.R. are coated tablets, which protect the active hormones better from moisture and oxygen than an un-coated tablet like Thiroyd. Thyroid-S fillers bind the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We believe that due to these factors mentioned above, Thyroid-S will store better for longer periods than Thiroyd.

Product Life:

  • Thyroid-S: The product lifetime of Thyroid-S is three years from date of manufacture.
  • Thiroyd: The product lifetime of Thiroyd is three years from date of manufacture.
  • T.R.:  The product lifetime of T.R. is four years from date of manufacture.


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  1. That information is not much use if your allergic to certain chemicals, fillers ,coatings or colourings

    I need to know the full facts on exactly what is in the tablets as Thiroid aeems to have caused a nasty rash whereas thyroid-s did not

    • hi pat,
      i was severely allergic to yellow forms of t3, hives, rash, itchy palms, itchy eyelids etc..
      however, the for me, the white pills, (thiroyd greater pharma) is what is use and have had no reaction to, i hope this helps

  2. Hi Pat, Very sorry about that. Adverse reactions with these products are very, very rare, but they do happen, and they happen with the leading name brand products as well. This information can be validated by browsing the public forums. In the event of an adverse reation, stop taking the product immediately, and we do offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for any cases such as this. I agree with you that the manufacturers should be more forthcoming with this important information. Take care now, Peter G.

  3. Hi there, I’m hypothyroid & have been for many years however I’ve never found anything that truly addresses my symptoms I’ve recently purchased Thyroid S so I’m hoping it will enable my body to turn things around I’m just very unsure of what dosage to take & how to gauge it?
    Regards Carla

  4. Hi Carla, thanks for your comment and gently recommend that you study first, the information is out there and readily available, and please ask your questions on the public forums, which we should all be subscribed to, right Ma’am? The signup boxes are in the right column of this page, lots of good people there to help you, we are not doctors, and we have no association with these groups or any other entity.

  5. Desiccated thyroid was U.S. government tested for shelf life decades ago. The samples were kept in a cool dry place. The test was terminated after 17 years. There was no measurable loss of any of the iodine, T-1,2,3,4. or calcitonin. Storage life for these products should be indefinite.

  6. @Miles, this is excellent info. If you would happen to have a reference link for this, it would be outstanding. Please send to me privately as on “Contact Us” page, as you won’t be able to post any links here, as we have disabled anything that looks like a “link” in comments due to too many spam postings.

    We also discuss this in our Knowledge Base, including references for storage at well below freezing temperatures:
    Would freezing my product make it last longer?

  7. I’m curious about the new tablets – what about the sugar coating for those who no longer eat processed sugar? Will it affect us in any way?

  8. Hi Maria ; The sugar coating is quite thin, it is a very effective humidity sealant, and basically quite harmless in the amounts under discussion. But yes each of us must decide which tablets are the most appropriate for us. Take care now, Peter G.

  9. Has anyone tried thyroid-s or thiroid? as I am unsure of which one to purchase any feedback would be great as the levothyroxine is not doing a damp thing

    • Hi I have tried both and my body didn’t breakdown or absorb the thiroid I got very hypo on it and the thyroid s I like but my t4 stays on the low end of normal but when I add more it give me too much t3 for me. It’s all so personal. Every person is different. You really just have to try them for yourself to see what you body does best with. My advice is try both. One at a time. Stay on one for at least 6 weeks and have blood work done. I waited too long to check my levels. Maybe the first one you try will do the trick. Best wishes!

    • Try Thiroid. It’s the first product I’ve ever used that actually worked and got my T3 up in the normal range. It has a slight fruity flavor, if you like to dissolve the tablets under your tongue or chew them. I am really happy with the product and dealing with Peter & his team: I have been buying Thiroid from them for years.

  10. Sorry meant to say not doing a damn thing 🐸 also does anyone else get shoulder or hip pain? And if so did taking any of the above did it help in anyway?

    • I used to get hip pain and have had shoulder pain. I am just recently 60 years. Still have issues with my left thumb. Arthritic type pain and stiffness…keeping me from crocheting for months. And that thumb is now weaker than the other hand/thumb.

      All/part was from edema. Now with nearly two months of a regular regimen of taking 1/2 tablet of Thiroyd AM and PM and a at bedtime a nice glob of Progest-E Complex from Kenogen (Ray Peat’s progesterone in Vit E oil). I don’t have edema issues anymore. The thiroyd I just bite in half and set aside the one half for the PM. I chew them…or as some would say, take it sublingually…ha!.

      I also for about the same length of time I’ve been making a daily (or twice a day) hot drink of Bragg’s vinegar…a splash, water and sugar to taste I’ve seemed to turn the corner on gut issues. Sometimes I use apple juice or cider and sometimes add a dry packet of Alpine Spiced Apple Cider. The vinegar has seemed to help with the edema as well.

      See jcrow.com and Dr. D.C. Jarvis regarding vinegar and arthritis in humans and animals. Get one or both of his books.

      I can’t miss a day though, or the gut issues return. I plan to try my hand at making my own Kimchee/Sauerkraut. One of our sons makes it all the time. A no brainer creation.

      I’m hoping the thumb will self correct soon. I once had (12 years ago) the left shoulder go frozen for over a year, and a bunch of magnesium, other minerals, vitamins, progesterone, pregnenolone, thyroid unfroze it within a week. (I was treating myself for racing heart I had at the time.) Reached above my head and surprised myself.

      OK, I’ve been on this lecturn long enough. Ha!

  11. Hi there. I’m on Armour and has more fillers than ever. I’m on 90mg which is one grain. I feel it’s time to change. What is the dosage that is equal to Armour 90mg ? Thank you

    • Hi Vanessa thank you for replying my Thyroid s just arrived in the post yesterday so I am starting today. I will see how I get on and hopefully I will be feeling like a more normal version of myself soon enough xxx

  12. Hello, I have tried both the Thyroid S and the Thiroid. My body didn’t want to break down or absorb the Thiroid, I got really hypo on it. So I switched back to Thyroid S but it seems to be too much t3 for me or not enough t4. Has anyone tried the new T.R.? Are there any reviews or testimonies from people who have tried that one?

  13. i was under the impression is thyroid-s is like armour, and thiroyd like erfa hormone-wise; that is, that each 60 mg pill of thyroid-s contains 9 mcg of t3 and 38 mcg of t4, and each 60 mg pill of thiroyd contains 8 mcg of t3 and 35 mcg of t4?

    i would be tempted to try out thyroid-s; however, i am not too crazy about the long list of fillers and binders..has anyone experienced any problems with those fillers, such as aluminium, or are we talking about so tiny amounts that they are not a problem, even if you take them every day?

  14. i received thyroid-s product from , but i’m worry because the pills are completely white… are they genuine ?

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