What Is The Difference Between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd?

Thyroid-S and Thiroyd

Thyroid-S and Thiroyd

Several customers ask us what is the difference between these two products, so we made this page which we hope makes it more clear what you are buying. Well for starters, these are two different products manufactured by two different companies. Thyroid-S is manufactured by Sriprasit Pharma. Thiroyd is manufactured by Greater Pharma. There are several major differences between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd which affect the price/performance/storage of these tablets. We sell both Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, and they are both excellent products. However, Thyroid-S is a little more expensive, and there are some storage and performance differences, and we try to explain these differences below.

Filler Differences: Thyroid-S uses a filler which binds the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We know this because we used a lab to measure the concentrations of hormones in both types of tablets. The results showed that Thyroid-S needed an extra step of solvent extraction to release all the hormones for correct measurement. We believe this will result in more stable tablet storage and a slower release of hormones after swallowing. Thiroyd dissolves easily and well, Thyroid-S is chaukier and is more difficult to dissolve. Click HERE to see our post detailing the extra step needed to release the active ingredients of Thyroid-S (fascinating stuff).

Tablet Color: Thyroid-S tablet is a light brown color and shiny, Thiryod tablet is white and matte finish. Both tablets are white or off-white inside.

Tablet Coating: Thyroid-S is a coated tablet, and Thiroyd is uncoated.

Tablet Anti-Counterfeiting: The coating on Thyroid-S tablets is thin and distinctive and not easily duplicated by counterfeiters. Thiryod tablets are white and with no distinctive features and are more easily counterfeited.

Packaging: (Please Note: This discussion on packaging is referring to the full bottle 1,000 tablets packaging. The small packs, ie. 30-250 tablets, are packed in sealed, re-closeable, moisture barrier bags as described in the product listings. The bottle packaging is not available in tablet sizes less than 1,000 tablets.) Thyroid-S is packaged in a brown glass bottle with metal cap, and with moisture absorber inside, and cotton to fill the extra space in the bottle. The glass bottle is inside a cardboard box with shrink wrap which functions as the security seal. Thiroyd is packaged in a white plastic bottle, and the tablets are sealed inside a plastic bag with moisture absorber inside.

Factors affecting cost: The glass bottle and metal cap of Thyroid-S packaging is more expensive to produce. Because the glass bottle is substantially heavier, it is more expensive to ship also. Shipping costs are approximately US$3 more for Thyroid-S than Thyroid. The Thyroid-S tablets are coated, which is a more expensive process than uncoated tablets.

Factors affecting storage: The thyroglobulin in Natural Desiccate Thyroid is quite stable for long periods if stored correctly. Thyroid-S is packaged in a dark glass bottle, which protects the tablets from moisture, oxygen, and light. Thiroyd is packaged in a white plastic bottle, which does not block moisture, oxygen, and light as well. Thyroid-S is a coated tablet, which protects the active hormones better from moisture and oxygen than an un-coated tablet like Thiroyd. Thyroid-S fillers bind the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. We believe that due to these factors mentioned above, Thyroid-S will store better for longer periods than Thiroyd.

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